Welcome to Ogilvy & Mather Indonesia.  We’ve been here in Jakarta since 1972 and are known for having nurtured the country’s leading creative talent.  Today, we have innovated and evolved, but we retain our commitment to creativity, knowledge, and people.

As we are an organization with a diverse set of talent across different specialist disciplines, our office is designed to promote a collaborative, playful and liberating atmosphere where people can freely exchange ideas, challenge the status quo, and create work that is fresh and wonderful.  The slide that connects the two floors of our office together has been featured on TV and in magazines.

As traffic is part of our daily lives, we are situated in the central Senayan area in South Jakarta, amidst parks, concert venues, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, sports facilities and the Senayan golf course.

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Ogilvy PR, Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

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